The month of Sha’ban

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As believers, let us make the most of the month of Sha’ban

Assalamoualaikoum brothers and sisters, as we are in the holy month of Sha’ban we should take a great advantage of this month of holiness through the maximization of our deeds by fasting, praying, and giving sadaqa.

The holy prophet (saw) used to fast the month of Sha’ban and would continue to the month of Ramadan. He said (saw) “Sha’aban is my month anyone and whoever fasts a day of my month paradise will be certain for him”. It is recommended to perform a prayer of two rakats at the beginning of each Muslim calendar month. This prayer has to be performed as follows: In the first rakat, one should, after sourat fatiha recite sourat Iklas (Kul howallaaho ahad) thirty (30) times. In the second rakat, one should, after fatiah recite sourat Al-kadr (Inaa an zalinaaho) thirty (30) times. Then, after this prayer one has to give something as Sadaqa. Performing such an act represents the action of paying for your health insurance with ALLAH (SWT), inch’ ALLAH (swt).Some other recommendations in this holy month:

1- Ask ALLAH (SWT) for forgiveness by saying: (ASTAKFIROUL LLAH WA AS’ALOUHOU AL TAWBATA), meaning I ask ALLAH to forgive my sins and I seek repentance 70 times. The holy prophet (saw) said: Whoever invokes Allah (as mentioned above) HE (SWT) will forgive his/her sins even if they are as many as the number of stars

2- To give sadaqa in this holy month even if it is as small as half a date. Sacrifice in this month brings about rescue from hellfire. when Imam al sadiq (as) was asked about the merit of sadaqa in this month he reply: ALLAH (swt) will breed that sadaqa in the very same way as you breed your mall camels, hence, this sadaqa will be as mount Uhud on the Resurrection day.

3- Fasting Mondays and Thursdays of this holy month carries great significance. According to a narration the holy prophet (saw) said: “WHOEVER FASTS ON MONDAY AND THURSDAY OF THIS MONTH, ALLAH WILL FULFIL TWENTY OF WORLDLY WISHES AND TWENTY OF HIS WISHES FOR THE HEREAFTER”.

4- To perform optional prayers every Thursday in this holy of two rakats: to recite after fatihah sourat al iklass100 time, after the prayer to recite: “ALLAHOUMA SALI ALA MOUHAMADINE WA ALI MOUHAMADINE” 100 times so that ALLAH ( SWT)  may fulfill your wishes. source; mafatih ul jinan ( the key of paradise) this book is dedicated for duas and prayers for the holy prophet and his household narration

5- Mid- Sha’aban: The holy prophet (saw) said:  During the night 15th of Sha’aban the Almighty

ALLAH (SWT) takes decisions in the matter of sustenance, life, death and the welfare of people.

Next to the night of Qadr the night of mid Sha’aban is the most humble night according to a narration from imam Al-Baqir (as) and imam Al-Sadiq (AS): “The Almighty ALLAH (SWT) has promised to fulfill every legitimate desire put forward to him tonight” (night of mid-Shaaban) it is a night of worship and salvation. It is also includes commemoration date when ALLAH ( swt) saved Noah (as)  and followers from the large downpour of rain or from flood. (The Deluge of Noah

In this holy month we have to remember the prophet (SWT) who said: “Whoever observes nine days offast in the whole month of Sha’ban should not fear the interrogation of munkar and makeer, whoever observes twelve days of fast in the month Sha’ban 70,000 angels will descend over his/her grave on the first night of his burial to remove his/her fear and loneliness”.

Brothers and sisters, from what has been mentioned above, let us maximise our rightuous deeds in this world which is just a bridge to Hereafter.


By Kone Ibrahim

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