A heart that loves Allah and His creatures

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I am full of love

Islam, my beloved religion is the religion of love. This love starts with my love for Allah who created me, created my parents and the entire universe. He also provided us with all we need in order to make our live wonderful. My love for Allah allows me to obey Him by doing what He has recommended and not doing what He has forbidden.

I also love the prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) and all the prophets. My love for the prophet (s.a.w) allows me to learn his teachings and imitate him. He is the best example for humanity.

He loved not only his friends but also his enemies. He used to pray for his enemies whenever they are bad to him by saying “O my lord! Forgive them; they do not know what they are doing”.

I have to follow his example and love everyone and everything around me including animals and plants. This stops me from being cruel to animals and plants. Therefore, my heart is so full of love that there is no space left for hate.



By Toure

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