After Hajj

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We are now witnessing the return of pilgrims from Hajj and this is an opportunity to remind each and everyone how to behave when we return from this exceptional journey.

If one of the main goals of Hajj is to inculcate the pilgrims the virtues of modesty and humility, it is unfortunate that many pilgrims become haughty and arrogant after visiting the holy places of Islam.

How can we accept arrogance after agreeing to abandon all our clothes and take only two (2) non-sewed clothes for IHRAM? How to be arrogant after agreeing to do TAWAF with people of any nationality, any colour and any social status? How to get carried away by pride after showing his humbleness and weakness before the Almighty at the station of ARAFAT? How dare consider yourself superior to others after spending the night under the stars at MOUZDALIFAT without any convenience?

Dear pilgrim be happy to know that your Hajj has been approved if your humility is increasing after your return from this very deep spiritual experience

May Allah approve our pilgrims’ Hajj and grant them humility while counting us among the chosen next year AMINE

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