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Praise is due to Allah the Beneficent and the Merciful. Praises are ceaselessly due to Allah, Who made us witness the Ramadan month from the beginning till the celebration of the Eid Fitr. I ask Allah (S.W.T) to shower His Peace and Blessings upon His noble prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), his family and his virtuous companions.Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam Assalamualeikum Warahmatullahi Wa barakatuhu!I would like, on this occasion of the end of Ramadan and the celebration of the Eid Fitr to express my gratitude in many respects.

First of all, I thank the Almighty Allah, Who once again honored us with the blessed month of Ramadan and enabled us to fast, pray and perform as many acts of worship as we could, in good health. I am very thankful to God, Whose help and assistance permitted us to organise our Ramadan activities (Collective Fast breaking) without much difficulties. I also praise Him for having permitted us to celebrate the Eid festival in a total happiness within our community.Moreover, my thanksgiving is directed to our mothers, wives and sisters of the WAMA, who were always mobilised to prepare food for breaking the fast during the Ramadan activities.I renew my sincere thanks to all the brothers and sisters, who brought us their support of all kinds (physical. Financial, material…), enabling us to effectively organise our activities.

I also give thanks to all our brothers and sisters, who always traveled from the different boroughs of London to participate in our Ramadan activities. To Sister Khadijah, (the manager of the community hall) I express my profound gratitude for her generosity, thanks to which we were able to utilise the hall throughout the entire month of Ramadan, ( Not only for our weekend activities but also the Tahajjud prayers during the last 10 nights of R) at a reduced cost.

Furthermore, as for our CHEIKHS (religious Scholars) who responded to our invitation, despite their busy timetable, I cannot find the exact word to acknowledge their tremendous actions by coming to entertain our community. I merely say thank you. Your reward is within the hands of Allah (S.W.T) forever.


I am particularly grateful to all the members of the WAMA for their availability, their sense of sacrifice, abnegation, patience and understanding throughout the organisation of our Ramadan activities.


Finally, I would like to invite and exhort the whole community to gather around the WAMA in order for us to be stronger and to attain our objectives. I also solicit the help of those are financially established. As you all know, WAMA is a young muslim association that is full of ambitions for the development and the Islamic welfare of our community. That said, in order to achieve these ambitions we need your help and support of all kinds.


May Allah, the Almighty accept our fasting, our prayers, may He solve all our supplications and other worldly concerns expressed during the Ramadan, may He strengthen our Faith and give us steadfastness on the path of Islam, and may He facilitate our tasks in the way if Islam, and may he strengthen our brotherhood! Amin ya Allah!


Wassalamualeikum Warahmatulah!  EID MUBARAK! EID MUBARAK!  The president of WAMAEl hajj Toure Sendou

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