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We will very soon by the will of Allah welcome a distinguished guest and it is an opportunity for us to express our sincere gratitude to Allah who gave us life and health to be among the lucky ones of that honour.

That distinguished guest is the holy month of RAMADAN which is so important that the only joy of welcoming it will distances us from the fire of hell.

Allah tells us: “O ye who believe! You have been prescribed-Siyaam (fasting) as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqûn (the pious) “S2 V183

This verse is composed of three (3) elements that need our attention:

  1. O believers: Allah calls here and indicates those targeted by this call (the believers). This means that first of all, we must first renew our faith at the approach of this blessed month to reassure us to be concerned by this divine call.

Without this condition this blessed month will bring us nothing. The Prophet says: “there are many people who fast while their fast does not bring them except hunger and thirst”


  1. You have been prescribed-Siyaam (fasting) as it was prescribed for those before you: the Lord here teaches us that fasting is a divine prescription as important as it was prescribed to the people before us. Allah says in Hadith Qudussy: “Any act of the son of Adam (man) belongs to him except fasting which is mine and I’m the only one who award its reward”


  1.  That you may become Al-Muttaqûn (the pious): the third element of the verse teaches us that the purpose of fasting is the attainment of piety. The Muslim must have this goal in mind throughout the entire month of RAMADAN and never forget that. Which lead him to indulge during the day and night of RAMADAN acts that will guide to piety “its purpose” as: prayer, reading the Koran, patience, Zikr, charity … and keep away from any other act which may be a hindrance to piety as: lying, slander, illegal gain, intolerance, arrogance …

May Allah in his infinite mercy grant us the blessings of this blessed month


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