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Welcome to “Islam for Kids!” Hello my friends! Ouf I have made a mistake, I am supposed to say “Assalam alaykum”That is how Muslims great each other. So whenever, you meet a muslim say “Assalam alaykum” (Peace upon you) and the person will reply “Wa alaykum salam” (And peace upon you) and Allah will be happy with both of you. You could even do better by saying “Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuhu” and they could do better by replying “wa’alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatuhu”.This is where we will be meeting regularly inch’Allah. Inch’Allah means-Allah’s willingness or if Allah permits- and that is what a muslim says when he/she plans to do something to seek Allah’s permission and assistance because everything depends on His will.We will be meeting inch’Allah to talk about Islam, our beloved religion. This will consist of learning to know Allah and His messenger the prophet Mohammad (Salla Lahu alyahi wa sallam) – we say this whenever we say or hear the name of the prophet and it means “Peace and blessing be upon Him”. When you say this Allah will bless you and will be happy with you.We will also, inch’Allah tell the stories of good people and what happened to them so we can do the same and the stories of bad people and what happened to them so we can avoid to do the same. We will also inch’Allah learn how to pray and learn where to find good websites for muslim kids where you can see nice things. So it will be funny inch’Allah and make sure you do not miss it.Let’s be Allah’s friends and not Satan’s friends.

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